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What is the difference between our waterproofing and theirs?

Waterproofing is a generic term. Having substances that look like black tar on the outside of a concrete wall or foundation does not mean that the wall or foundation has been waterproofed. It may have just been damp proofed.

Damp Proofing

  • Minimum required by code.
  • Keeps water from migrating through concrete.
  • Does not stop water from travelling through the hairline cracks that all concrete has.
  • Might stop at grade level.


  • Recommended by Michel Concrete Construction
  • Has an elastiomeric quality meaning it stretches to span the cracks up to a .25 inches.
  • Can withstand 8 feet of hydrostatic pressure.
  • Tile on inside and outside of footing
  • Place rock after walls are poured to avoid contaminating the septic field.
  • Black waterproofing spray used below grade.
  • Waterproof to top of foundation with an above grade product.
  • Gray product the color of concrete used on all foundations for the top foot.

Waterproofing Package

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