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Below Grade Insulation Options

4 Insulation Alternatives to Traditional Stud Walls That Do Not Promote Mold and Mildew Growth

 WARM-N-DRIMICHEL 3iEASI-WALLInSoFastTraditional Stud Wall With Batt Insulation
What It IsExterior Drainage BoardLaminated GlasRock/EPS Foam CompositeSandwich WallInterior EPS Foam with Polypropylene Studs2 x 4 stud wall framed at 16" o.c., installed with paper backed fiberglass insulation as well as a vapor barrier that is often used to keep moisture from reaching the drywall.
Wall Detail2-3/8" fiberglass board - 8" concrete7.5" concrete - 2" foam-1/2" glasroc4" concrete - 2" foam - 4" concrete8" concrete - 2" foam8" concrete - 1" air gap - 3-1/2" stud cavity - 1/2" drywall
Insulation LocationExteriorInteriorSandwichInteriorInterior
R-ValueR-10R-10R-10R-10R-10, overall
Utilizes Thermal Mass To Increase Performance R-ValueYesNoYes - Manufacturer states R-10 insulation will performs at R-22NoNo
Method to Control CondensationThermal break located on exterior side of foundation wall keeps concrete at room temperatureEPS Foam is poured in place, eliminated airspace for condensation to formThermal break is located inside of concrete wall, allowing interior 4" of concrete to warm to room temperatureCondensation that accumulates is channeled along drainage planes, directly to the footingNone - Condensation of warm humid air on the cold concrete wall should be a big concern.
Conduit OptionsConduit and boxes may be cast in walls during concrete pour, or electrical conduit can be run along interior of concrete wall.Electrical Conduit may be installed in channels after concrete pour.Inner core is set in place, then electrician installs all conduit and boxes before forms are set and concrete is poured.Electrical chase behind foam provides easy access for wiring at any time in the future.Electrician roughs in conduit, before drywall is hung.
Interior Finish OptionsSkim-Coat with drywall compound to create the exact look and feel of real drywall -or- leave concrete walls bare.GlasRoc may be left in semi-finished state -or- seams may be taped and mudded, as in typical drywall applications.Skim-Coat with drywall compound to create the exact look and feel of real drywall -or- leave concrete walls bare.Building Code requires that all foam insulation be covered by a thermal barrier, like drywall; however, in un-inhabited areas, a flame retardant scrim can be installed.Papered batt insulation must be covered with either a flame-retardant vapor barrier scrim or with a thermal barrier, like drywall.
Requires Additional Thermal or Flame Resistant BarrierNoNoNoYes. See interior finish options.Yes. See interior finish options.
Potential for Mold And Mildew Problems In the FutureNot LikelyNot LikelyNot LikelyNot LikelyVery Likely
Exterior Finish OptionsInsulation above grade must be protected. Options include covering with aluminum flashing or coating with stucco product. Below grade drainage board requires no additional treatment.Bare concrete surface requires no additional treatmentBare concrete surface requires no additional treatmentBare concrete surface requires no additional treatmentBare concrete surface requires no additional treatment.
Food Source for Mold Growth and MildewNoNoNoNoYes. Organic wood studs absorb moisture and support mold growth. Fiberglass insulation also absorbs moisture and promotes mold growth.
Flood Resistant (sump pump failure)YesYes - GlasRoc is weatherproofYesYes - if covered by paperless drywall or non-flammable scrimNo - Batt insulation and traditional drywall absorb moisture and are ruined when they are exposed to flood water.
Requires Additional Surface TreatmentNoNoNoYesYes
Added BenefitsActs as a drainage board, extending Manufacturer's Waterproofing Warranty from 15-30 years. Can be utilized in above-grade homes.  
Are Foundation Leaks Easily Detected and Repaired?YesYesYesNo - But EPS insulation is formed with drainage channels, allowing small leaksNo
Building Practice Endorsed By Building Science Consortium As Not Condusive to Mold and Mildew GrowthYesYesYesYesNo
Installed By Michel ConcreteYesYesYesYesNo
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