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EASI-WALL foundations do not utilize a traditional, paperbacked drywall.EASI-WALL is merely skim-coated to achieve a drywall look. Unlike paper-backed drywall, it is not conducive to mold growth, and it will not be ruined in a flood.Paperbacked drywall as well as furring strips used with ICF blocks are conducive to mold and mildew growth. In the event of a sump pump failure, paperbacked drywall, exposed to water, will be ruined and must be replaced.
EASI-WALL has an indestructible interior surface.EASI-WALL's interior surface can be left bare, painted, or easily skim-coated to achieve a dry-wall look.ICF foam must be covered to meet fire codes. It is usually furred out, dry-walled, and skim coated before painting.
EASI-WALL has an indestructible exterior surface.EASI-WALL's exterior surface can be easily finished with a one step stucco-knockdown, and then painted. Other exterior cladding options include laying traditional brick, rubbing the concrete and leaving it bare, or using textured form liners to achieve the appearance of brick, stone, or siding.A stucco application will require multiple steps to cover the foam ICF Blocks. The blocks must be covered with some type of cladding. Siding installation requires the attachment of furring strips.
EASI-WALL utilizes thermal mass to achieve higher insulation performance and superior thermal resistance when compared to ICF blocks.EASI-WALL's R-10 foam core will perform at an R-22 value, because the concrete's thermal mass is directly exposed to the home's interior. (The foam-core size can be increased if a higher R-Value is desired.)An ICF is less effective in utilizing the concrete's thermal mass because the concrete is not exposed to the home's interior. The foam in an ICF block actually isolates the concrete and its thermal properties, thus under utilizing the concrete's full thermal potential.
EASI-WALL can be waterproofed, below grade, with a sprayed on elastomeric membrane. (This is the best method for protecting foundations from water infiltration.)EASI-WALL's exterior surface is no different than a traditional concrete foundation, so utilizing a spray applied elastomeric membrane, like Tremco's TUFF-N-DRI H-8, to provide superior waterproofing protection is no problem.Elastomeric waterproofing sprays will not adhere to ICF foam blocks. In fact, the spray applied membrane will actually break-down the ICF foam; therefore, less effective waterproofing measures, like dimple boards or peel and stick adhesive must be used to waterproof ICF foundations.
EASI-WALL foundations remain accessible for inspection.EASI-WALL can be left bare or skim-coated, so any potential issues, such as leaking foundation cracks can be easily detected and repaired, without destroying drywall.ICF blocks require mandatory thermal barriers, such as dry-wall, which prevent the early detection of leaking foundation cracks. Trying to find the source of a foundation leak, behind dry-wall, can be time consuming and costly. Leaking foundation cracks left unattended will lead to mold and mildew problems.
EASI-WALL conduit is cast in place, but electrical and plumbing subcontractor coordination is minimal.EASI-WALL is set up in advance of the concrete pour, allowing other trades clear access to do their work. This minimizes subcontractor upcharges for "out-of-the box" work.Electricians generally utilize a "hot-knife" to carve out channels for their conduit. Not all electrical subcontractors are willing to do this at their normal price. But cost aside, this practice reduces the insulation value.

EASI-WALL product information brochure: easi-wall.pdf (Adobe Acrobat required.)

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