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High quality concrete work provided in a One Stop Shop

Time Savings - Michel does not use outside subs, and they own their own equipment, so there are fewer scheduling conflicts.
- No waiting for Outside Subcontractors

Money Savings - Michel provides a comprehensive bid, based upon an actual site visit, so change orders are minimal, and the price is right.
- No Nickel and Diming

Accountability - Michel doesn't use outside subs, because we want to assume full responsibility for the quality of your foundation.
- No Finger Pointing

Expertise - Michel's experience in 3 distinct markets - Residential, Commercial & Agricultural give you the resources to ensure your job is done on time and on budget
- Peace of Mind

When it comes to comparing foundation bids, an apples-to-apples comparison can be a lot harder than it looks. That's because not all foundations are created equal.

At Michel Concrete, we want you to know that basements don't have to be dark, cold, damp, dungeons, but they will be if you build them that way. Talk with us, today, to find out how we can help you to have a sunny, warm, and dry living space, below grade.

Understand The Michel Advantage Before You Break Ground

  • Free On-Site Consultation with every bid.
  • One Stop Shopping. The complete package!
  • Michel Does Not use dampproofing and call it Waterproofing.
  • Michel applies a true Waterproofing both Above and Below grade.
  • Michel offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty to the original homeowner.
  • Michel is the only CFA Certified Contractor in Central Illinois.
  • Michel is thoroughly trained and well versed in all state and local Building Codes, including the Energy Code.
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